Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Friends of Garston Library update (March 6th)

We had a good meeting of the newly formed Friends of Garston Library at the weekend.

I have become Chair of the group and we have a secretary and treasurer as well as committee members.  We did the boring stuff around writing a constitution and very soon we'll be ready to sign up members.
(Watch out for sign up sheets in various places)

Our new e mail, if you have questions or suggestions, is

We even have a logo which combines reading with a bit of fun.

We decided to meet initially once a month on the first Saturday of each month at 11 am at the Library.  If you've expressed an interest in the past we will have your details and will send you a reminder e mail.  If you haven't do please e mail us if you want to get involved  in an active way or if you just have questions.

There is also a Friends of Allerton Library Group. 

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