Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cressington Community First - what should we fund?

The Cressington Community First fund is money given by the Government to be spent on projects in the Cressington ward in Liverpool.

We've got a panel of local representatives who make decisions and we've funded quite a few projects to date.

Now we are renewing our plan for the next two years so that we make sure we have the right priorities for the area.

As part of this we'd like to hear from people living, working or studying in the ward as well as from organisations based here.  I've designed a short survey so if you have a Cressington connection it would be great if you could help by filling it in.  You will find the link here

We need to get our next two years plan done by the end of the month so it would be great if people wanting to fill this in could do it by 25th March.

And please do forward the link on to other people you know who may have an interest in responding.

Cressington covers part of L19 and a smaller part of L18.  If you are not sure whether your location is in Cressington or not, this link has details of where it is!

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