Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Whithedge Road/Brodie Avenue junction - is change needed?

Richard and I have a motion to the City Council about the junction at Whitehedge Road, Brodie Avenue, Long Lane and Greenhill Road .

There've been quite a few accidents at this junction (residents report two in the last few days plus a near miss this morning)

When I was calling on people in Whitehedge Road recently some felt the junction design was causing the problem.  People also felt that speeding was an issue.

Anyway, Richard and I are keen to get this looked into - hence the motion.

It won't be debated (the Council rules only really allow seven motions to be discussed at each meeting) but now it is formally in the system it will get an answer and we hope to use this to get action.

The motion is pasted below. It has to be in this somewhat formal language in places.

"Road safety in L19 by Councillors Paula Keaveney and Richard Oglethorpe

The junction of Whitehedge Road, Brodie Avenue, Long Lane and Greenhill Road, L19 is a tiny roundabout.

Residents near the junction have reported that a series of accidents have taken place as motorists attempt to negotiate the roundabout. It seems that the design of the roundabout may be at fault.

Given these accidents and the likelihood of more, Council calls for an investigation into the design of the roundabout and a speed check on the roads approaching it.

Should the design prove faulty, Council requests the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport carry out any necessary alterations.

Should speeding be an obvious problem, Council requests the Cabinet member for Regeneration and Transport to consider the installation of a speed indicator device or devices to persuade motorists to slow down."

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