Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Speeding in L19 - action

One of the most common complaints we get as Councillors in Cressington ward is about speeding or dangerous traffic.

We have asked for speed checks on quite a few roads in the area.  Among those they've taken place in is South Mossley Hill Road, Aigburth Hall Road, Aigburth Road, St Mary's Road and Darby Road.

There were some checks this weekend just gone on Aigburth Road and Darby Road.

On Aigburth /Road 9 people got penalty notices for speeding.

On Darby Road there was one incident of speeding but nine of people using mobile phones while driving along.

While I was knocking on doors in Kintore Road this week I also discovered that parts of the area have become a motorcycle racing track so I have raised this with the police too.

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