Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cenotaph and Long Lane - brightening up our area

Yesterday I joined children from Garston C of E School as well as representatives from Rotters Community Composting and others to complete part of our initiative to brighten up part of our area.

Last year I got a group together to look at what we could do to improve the bit of Garston by the Cenotaph and the end of Long Lane.  We came up with some ideas and started with a community litter pick.

I managed to get some planters donated, which were then followed by some soil.  We found some money for plants Rotters worked hard to plan a fantastic planting day.

We now have bright flowers in the planters which greet people as they start at the end of Long Lane.  They look great.

We were also joined by a team from Community Payback who painted the benches and railings around the Cenotaph (these were pretty shabby looking).  It was great this morning to see how this relatively simple piece of work makes things look better.

I will post some more pictures in another post. A big thank you to everyone who helped make a difference here.

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