Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Greenhill Road off licence update - committee decision 1 November

I've just got back from the licensing committee discussing whether or not to allow alcohol sales at 206 Greenhill Road (that's the shop on the corner with Caithness Road).

Despite considerable objections from residents (including letters and a petition) the committee decided that the shop WILL be able to sell alcohol.

We know some people will be disappointed at this as residents have been pointing out all the potential problems.  It's clear also that you don't have very far to go in that area to buy alcohol already!

I spoke as did other Councillors and we made all the points local people had asked us to (and some extra). However we weren't able to persuade the committee to agree with us.

There was one small concesssion, which is that the starting time for selling beer, wines and spirits etc would be 8 am rather than the suggested 6am.

The shopkeepers did also volunteer to put an extra litter bin out, so I am following that up.

When the minutes of the meeting are published I will put a link to them on the blog.

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