Saturday, 5 November 2011

Animal rescue in Garston

While out door knocking today in South Liverpool I called on a house in Garston where the owner runs an animal rescue sanctuary. 

She takes in dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and others that have been abandonned.

I am not sure I could live in a house so completely full of animals but this lady's commitment was so impressive. She ploughs all her earnings back into the charity and works so hard to look after, and rehome, the animals.

Some of the ones I saw today were rather ill - the dog with cancer was particularly sad. But others were just waiting for a home.

I asked about her motivation and it seems she started off years ago by rescuing a few abandonned cats in town.

She is the only thing between some of these poor animals and being out down.

It's great meeting someone like that and I learned a lot about cat care from her ( I also may have agreed to adopt a kitten when the litter she has there are over their illness and I'll have to think about how my existing two cats will cope with that)

Her organisation is Garston Animal Rescue.  It's a registered charity and can be contacted at PO Box 233, Liverpool, L69 7LF.

I don't think they have a website.  If I find they do I will add a link.

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