Sunday, 10 July 2011

The week just gone

I've had a real mix of things to do this week. Actually I'm very lucky to have such a combination of job and politics that gives such a variety.

Along with quite a few doorstep conversations with constituents, some meetings on local issues (some of which I'll blog about separately) and a load of writing and research, I shared a bill with Ken Dodd.

Tuesday was the Freedom Roll ceremony for the Liverpool Post and Echo.  As opposition leader I am asked to speak at these and it was a great pleasure (although speaking last you always find you are having to rely on your wits as most of the factual information has already been used up by the others).  Ken Dodd wasn't originally scheduled to speak at this but he agreed to be added in at the last moment.  The ceremony was in the atrium of the newspapers' building (they are usually in the Town Hall). It's the first time I've seen an event done there but it's clearly a good space to use.

Yesterday following a street surgery in Cressington I popped over to Woolton to help colleagues deliver a last minute leaflet.  It seems that a local bus service won't be running next week (Merseytravel's new company not being able to start straight away) and the Councillors wanted to make sure that people along the route knew not to be standing at a bus stop in vain.  The services in Woolton affected are the 173 and 174 although there are other South Liverpool routes with similar problems.  should have the details.

Last night was a regional Lib Dem dinner with Chris Huhne MP (energy and climate change secretary of state) as the speaker.  He was very good about the Green Deal but also about the whole issue of media ethics and the News International investigation. He pointed out that, unlike Labour and the Tories, the Lib Dems had not been "canoodling" with Rupert Murdoch.

And this morning I was out with Gill from the Cricket Club working on a local parking problem (details in my earlier blog)

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