Saturday, 30 July 2011

Polling station review

Liverpool City Council is reviewing the polling stations it uses for elections.  Councils are supposed to do this on a regular basis and it's a good chance to check whether there is feedback on accessibility etc.

This May just gone we had some changes to the polling stations in Cressington.  They didn't move but some of the people who usually went to one, went to another instead.  This was because in the past far too many people had to go to the Guide Hut on Ambergate Road (in 2010 there were people who couldn't get in to vote and it was quite tense)

It's important that polling stations are right - that they have disabled access, are large enough, are light enough etc.

If you've got any comments about the ones in Cressington, or if you live elsewhere about the ones elsewhere, do send them to me at or directly to the Electoral Services Unit at the Council (Dale Street, L2 2DH).  The deadline is 19th August.

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