Saturday, 17 October 2009

Planting session at Garston Park - 24 Oct

If you live near, or work near, or use Garston Park do come and join the Friends of Garston Park this coming Saturday (24th). We are having a planting session to plant some crocus bulbs. We are meeting at 11 am in the foyer of the Leisure Centre (but if you are a little late you will spot us as we are planning to put up a gazebo near the planting so we can offer some refreshments)

If you have gardening tools it would be great if you could bring them along as our supplies are a little limited. If you want more information please either post here or drop me an e mail at

The Friends also have a website at

The crocus bulbs for this event are paid for by Liverpool City Council.

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PM Swimmer said...

Assuming that Garston Park is the one which the leisure centre sits in, not sure its called that on the signs, then I would suggest more trees. Proper ones not silly little decorations Elms that councils love to plant these days but decent specimen oaks and the like. I say this is in the full knowledge that I’ll never see the benefit but that’s not the point. It need not be many and in fact would be better if its only a few take a look at camp hill or Clark gardens where one tree will sit on its own surrounded by grass allowing it to grow into a truly lovely specimen, this wouldn’t then affect the ability to play sports but would provide some nice focal points and make it look like a park rather than a dull recreational ground. Which currently actually highlights the fact that you get functional recreational grounds in poor areas and well tended tree filled parks in nice areas.

On a related point I am getting increasingly worried that there doesn’t seem to be any tree planting scheme within the Citys parks. Because they are all of roughly the same age all the mature deciduous trees are the same age, which means that they’ll start to die at the same time. Those that designed and built our great parks, which Liverpool is really blessed with, thought for the long term landscaping and planting for the generations ahead, we don’t see this anymore everything has to be done with a view to immediate results, generally focused on the perceived needs of children (although children actually need more than flat space to kick a ball) and cheaply with as small a maintenance cost as possible.