Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Booker Avenue site

I've had, and my colleagues have had, enquiries from people in the ward about the vacant bit of land opposite the Greenhill pub and by the junction of Booker Avenue and Greenhill Road. We've been pursuing this and have written back to people to update them. I'm aware though that there will be people wondering or worrying but not necessarily getting in touch. So I'll use the blog to update as well.
The current situation is that the Council is pursuing the owners of the land (we know who they are) to get them to clear up and get it fenced off properly. Hopefully legal action won't be needed but the Council has the power to use it if the owners are reluctant for any reason. There is also a Vacant Sites initiative run by the Council and this particular plot is being included in that work. People living near there may know that there was a planning application for a Sainsbury's local some time ago on that spot, but that application failed (and there was quite a bit of local opposition). There aren't any other people applying at the moment - but we'll keep you posted.

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