Thursday, 1 October 2009

ID cards - Gordon Brown attempting a con

So, Gordon Brown makes a speech saying no compulsory ID cards which various Labour activists use in campaigning to imply its all been knocked on the head and shouldn't we all be jolly grateful.

That's on Tuesday this week.

Today the City Council gets a call from the implementation team wanting to discuss the plans the government has to roll out the cards in the north west.

You really couldn't make it up.

The fact is that Gordon's announcement means nothing. The Government has intended, for some time now, to work on soft targets to market the cards as some sort of voluntary benefit. Of course once enough people are conned we will find they want to make the scheme "cover everybody".

I've been aware of the pilot in Manchester and the Home Office marketing spend. We now find they are trying the same in Liverpool.

I am glad to report that in Liverpool the City Council leader has come out firmly against this. We Lib Dems oppose ID cards and are particularly annoyed at these under the counter ways of getting them adopted.

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