Friday, 23 January 2009

Liverpool Commission meeting

A good meeting of the Liverpool Commission last night. We had evidence from the schools parliament, the youth engagement team, reps from two of the Universities in Liverpool, operation black vote and others. The "others" included a 25 year old executive member from Brent ( I am sure I would have been very daunted by that responsibility when I was 25). We were looking at the sort of barriers that prevent people thinking of becoming councillors, but also at some of the perception issues and communication issues that exist. The Commission has three more meetings to go and each time we are looking at different aspects of "how we do things". The meetings are in public and the Council publishes the minutes and agendas on its website. Here is a link. (If the link fails go to and look for the meetings and agendas section) The Commission will be drawing up a series of recommendations which the City Council (where it is the relevant organisation) will decide whether to accept and how to take forward.

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