Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Food Bank meeting

The Bridge Chapel Centre on Heath Road is holding a meeting next week for anyone interested in the Food Bank concept. There is a suggestion that we might want to set one up in South Liverpool and the organisers are getting someone from a group that already runs one elsewhere to come along.

The Food Bank concept is about providing emergency help to people who find themselves in a crisis when the provision of some free supplies might make a difference. Obviously people would get more help and support than the free supplies of food, but that is the centre of the scheme. I know that in the past I have come across people who, because of paperwork reasons or timing, have literally no food for the weekend and no way of getting money for a couple of days. A scheme like this

Schemes like this work if lots of organisations co operate - like voluntary organistions, community groups etc - so the people at the Bridge Chapel are keen to see who might be interested.

The meeting is at 2pm on the 20th Jan (Tuesday). The e mail address of one of the organisers is

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Anonymous said...

soundslike a good thing. i will e mail the man to get more information.