Friday, 9 January 2009

Garston hospital meeting

Hopefully this meeting has already had loads of publicity, but in case you don't know - there is a public meeting on 20th January at the Garston reading room on Wellington Street. Its about the plans for Garston Hospital (Sir Alfred Jones Memorial) and more specifically about the plans for the building rather than what might go on inside it. Quite a few of us are worried that the PCT wants to demolish the whole thing and build again. It's one of those Garston landmarks that just about everyone recognises and it would be a shame to see it go. To be fair to the PCT they are talking about finding a way of recognising some of the history in the new build, but many of us are still uneasy about this. The meeting is at 6pm. Annoyingly for me this clashes with a meeting in town which I have to go to (as the only exec member that reports to this particular committee) but even if I can't make it back to Garston in time, my colleague Peter Millea will be going along.

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