Thursday, 21 November 2013

Developments in Beechwood Gardens area

I blogged some time ago about the plans from Plus Dane Housing for some building on the patch of land roughly behind the row of houses at 11 onwards Beechwood Gardens. It's a rectangular bit of grass at the moment.  The plan was for shared equity housing.

The Council approved the plans although it wasn't at all clear when anything would start.

Plus Dane have been in touch to say that the land transfer is about to go through.  This means the site will be fenced off, although no building will start until next year.

Plus Dane have written to some immediate neighbours but I am posting this here so the wider Beechwood community is aware.

I'll also update in my e mail bulletins which carry news about L19 and L18.  If you don't get these but want to start getting them, please drop me an e mail at with the e mail address you want me to use.

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