Sunday, 3 November 2013

Be gone weeds!


I spent part of today working on two of the planters on Long Lane in Garston.

These have been there for a couple of years now but for the last year or so no one has really looked after them (although they have been watered - thanks to local businesses).

Friends of Garston Park have now raised some money to replant these and some of the other planters around the area.

I'm one of a team of volunteers who've agreed to do planting and maintenance and I've "adopted" the two planters roughly outside Monty's café (bit of an agenda with that choice!)

So today I pulled out a bagful of weeds (one planter had rather become a thistle paradise) and started planting.  We'll all be adding to our planters over the months and years with the aim of helping brighten up the area and preventing them getting quite so neglected again.

(It's worth saying that the planters themselves were donated , along with soil, by Enterprise Liverpool as part of an initiative I kicked off when a Councillor to do with the Woolton Road/Long Lane patch).

The picture shows one of the planters on the day they were first planted up.  I helped and was joined by Cllr Richard Oglethorpe.  I'm hoping that when I've finished, my two will look nice like this rather than like something out of I'm a Celebrity.

(This is just one of the initiatives by Friends of Garston Park.  If you want to get involved let me know and I'll  pass your details on.  Not everything we do involves being out in the rain!)

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