Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Grants on offer for local groups

A couple of deadlines are coming up for local groups or organisations who want to apply for grants for projects.

The Cressington Community First fund, which gives grants for activities in Cressington or benefiting people from Cressington has a deadline of 20 September.  Cressington ward includes quite a bit of L19 and a smaller bit of L18.  There's a website which has application forms and guidance which you can find at
The website also has some articles on projects given money in the past, which might help you see if your idea is likely to get funded.
(Ignore the information on the website about the May deadline.  This will be updated but it doesn't affect the fact you can apply by 20 September and use the form from the site)

There's also a fund run by Liverpool Mutual Homes which gives money for projects in areas with LMH tenants.    The deadline for this one is 13 September.  You can find the form at (its the one called CIF).  This then goes back to LMH electronically or it can be dropped into their reception.

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