Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ah.. so Meadowlands decision next month then

I blogged earlier about the odd lack of material about the Meadowlands decision on this week's Cabinet agenda.

I was surprised not to see it there, particularly as it had earlier been listed as a September decision.

It now turns out that it's first going to be discussed by the Regeneration Select Committee, which meets next week.  It'll go to Cabinet after that.

It may seem strange to talk about a decision.  After all there's been lots of publicity already for the Cabinet saying "yes go ahead and sell it". 

Because its the loss of open space though, it has to be advertised so that various objections can come in.  This is a legal process and you may have seen the statutory advert in the Post.

Obviously rather a lot of people saw the ad as more than 1,200 objections came in by deadline.

You can read the committee report (and this is the only thing due to be discussed at the committee) at this link.

The meeting is on 3 October and the agenda lists this as Land at Park Avenue.

Basically the mayoral recommendation at the end can be paraphrased as
"read the objections... going to do it anyway".

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