Sunday, 2 June 2013

Neighbours day and looking round ESLA

Last Friday (31st May) two neighbours day events took place in the area - one in Speke and one in Garston.

I went along to the Garston one, which was held in the Enterpise South Liverpool Academy.

What a great new building for our area.

As well as walking round the stalls at the front of the school and inside, we had a chance to have a real look around the building
and all the new facilities.

The school has so much potential.

The picture here is actually the back of the building.  There are some fixed exercise points (I didn't try them!) and some trail paths and raised beds and a greenhouse.  But there are also loads of trees and all this open space.  The back looks a lot less dramatic than the purple/pink front and I saw at least two places where new trees had been planted so it should become even greener.

It's only quite recently that the school moved in so it probably still feels very new to everyone there but what a difference this should make.

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