Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hmm.. weeds seem to be neglected again.

We've had complaints from several L19 residents about the apparent lack of weed spraying down our way.

We're told the programme is running a couple of weeks behind which means the weeds in L19 and part of L18 were sprayed on or around 8th June.  So they should be dying back now... clearly not.

This picture is one of a set showing a group of streets which look as if they've been ignored.  These weeds aren't high (they are not that sort) but they are clearly very obvious and need to be dealt with if the pavement's not to look a state.

And if the council wants to see some higher weeds, there are some good hip high ones in the bit of L19 I live in.

L19 is one of the last bits of the City to get the spraying treatment as priorities were clearly elsewhere for the Council.  Let's hope though that despite being nearly last the work actually gets done.

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