Saturday, 5 January 2013

Honouring a Garston hero - Harold Newgass Drive.


Lt Harold Newgass was a Garston hero who helped prevent an explosion during the war when a bomb threatened to destroy the gas holder, and the nearby houses.

Some time ago I, and some Lib Dem colleagues, started trying to get his contribution marked in a public way.  There already was a plaque in a local church, and there had been meetings discussing the events, but we thought that something on the library wall, or a street naming, would be a good idea.

I spoke to Lt Newgass' daughter to get permission from the family to go ahead and we managed to get agreement for a street on the Cressington Heath estate named after the hero

The street isn't complete yet, but it's great to see this sign which shows that we are nearly there.  In fact a few houses are occupied so the address exists!

Hopefully there will be a bi of a ceremony when the actual street sign arrives so I am sure I will blog again about this.  I took some photographs today and it was great to be able to send them to Lt Newgass' daughter and other people who've been keen on this recognition.

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Anonymous said...

My wif,s grand father was also a hero that day he had to cut a hole in the gas tank before any one could enter he received the George medal