Thursday, 17 January 2013

Greenhill Road takeaway plans

People living in the Greenhill Road and Melbreck Road areas may remember attempts some time ago to turn the greengrocers (Caffleys) into a takeaway.  In fact there were two attempts, both of which were turned down when it came to the planning permission side of things.

At the time residents were worried about things like litter and  noise, although another worry was that particular junction, which has several roads meeting at a little roundabout.

Well, if you live near there you'll know that Caffleys is now closed and the shop is empty.  There is however another application in to change it into a takeaway.

The rough details are that this would be serving from 12 30 to 9pm.

I've already spoken to quite a few local people who are concerned again about this.

Up to now it hasn't been possible to object to the Council because the official period hadn't started.  Well now it has.  So if you want to find out more, or comment on line, you can do it at this link.

The deadline is 7th February.

Richard Oglethorpe and I have written to update local people on the current situation.  When I have details about any planning committee meetings to do with this, I will make sure I post the details on this blog.

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