Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Yep.. the weeds are back.

The City Council's environment cabinet member has admitted the weedspraying programme so far has been less than good.  Well in some parts of the City we are yet again seeing waist high or higher weeds that have either been missed or ignored.

Richard and I are keen to flag up areas where the spraying either hasn't worked or hasn't happened.  Do let us know if your street needs some attention. You can e mail me at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk or Richard at richard.oglethorpe@liverpool.gov.uk.

The picture shows weeds in the Long Lane area of Garston.

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PM Swimmer said...

Please, please can you ask that if the council spray on Hartington Road that they only spray the pavement side. When they spray the railway embankment side all that happens is that the flowers and shrubs that residents plant to try and make the 1ft strip by the ugly palisade fence whilst the ivy and brambles are largely unaffected and come back stronger.
Surely if there is any real belief in localism whats done with a 1 foot strip of soil should be left to the residents that have to look at it.