Friday, 22 June 2012

Garston Old Road - update on what's going on - 22 June

I regularly get queries about what's going to happen to the site near the end of Garston Old Road (the old municipal waste transfer station).  There was a planning application in some time ago for some sheltered/extra care housing but its out of time now.

Anyway, this morning I had a chat with the owner of the site, who wants to develop it, and his architect and Cllr Richard Oglethorpe. Richard and I had been pressing for this meet up for a while as the lack of news for local people was causing anxiety. The idea is to put in another planning application for sheltered/extra care housing but one which can be built in stages.  I am not sure how quickly this will happen but I get a strong feeling that this application will be in sooner rather than later. 

Nobody likes seeing this site unused and becoming a potential or actual problem for the area and Richard and I certainly want to see something there that benefits our area.  As soon as we have details of an application going in, we'll let people know about it and will publish the link so that everyone can see what's being suggested. 

We also discussed ways of acknowledging or celebrating the particular history of the remaining building and the site (not the waste history the other stuff).

There've been quite a few complaints about the state of the site or use of the site while it's been empty and it has been cleared up over the last week or so which hopefully will make it slighly easier on the eye for people living in Garston Old Road and Ivy Avenue.

Anyway, as I said, once we have more news we will post again.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Paula,

I stumbled across this update and felt compelled to comment. I am not a resident of Garston Old Road but I am deeply connected to it as my Grandparents have lived on the street all my life and I see there house as my second home. I’ve seen the street lose some of its charm in my life time and I fear for the future.

Garston Old Road has the potential to be a jewel in the local crown. What a road of architecture! St Mary's Terrace alone is a beautiful asset to the road and then you have the next three houses, number 33, 37 and 44. All in all - 10 Grade II listed buildings. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the road should be given "Conservation Area" status as is the case in Cressington Park.

We need to preserve such rarities for future generations and prevent these buildings from falling into ruin or being turned into flats.

I hope the issues surrounding the former Council Depot land can be resolved sooner rather than later as it really is a blight on the street.

As for the shops on Garston Old Road, it's great to see that some are thriving and they play a vital role in sense of community. However, shop frontages should be maintained better, in particular Booze Busters. This really needs a lick of paint.

Another suggestion that would benefit the public realm outside the shops would be to instate a grass verge. Five and a half meters of paving from the shop fronts to the gutter is unnecessary, unimaginative and unsightly! We should be returning more greenery to our streets and making them nicer places to live in. Maybe a few trees could be planted? Failing that, how about some raised beds with flowers in them? I’ve seen it done on Booker Avenue and Rose Lane. The same apllies to the other side of the road opposite the shops. Maybe we could encourage the CafĂ© on Garston Old Road to have seats and table outside. Why can’t Garston be as Cosmopolitan as Mossley Hill and Allerton?

A road full of such beautiful architecture deserves to be sat amongst green, leafy and healthy surroundings and one with a thriving sense of community.

I know all to well that funds are limited within the council and this kind of small regeneration project will be instantly overlooked in favour of regeneration in more needy areas. But in an ideal world could there be a way that such street improvements could be funded by local initiatives?

I’d dearly love to see the pride put back in Garston Old Road. And once there is pride….respect should surely follow.