Saturday, 8 October 2011

New project for Garston Park

The Friends of Garston Park are looking for budding artists to help with a project to make part of the park look better.

The idea is to improve the wall round the sports pitch so that it doesnt' look quite so "prison like".

As well as some planting nearby, the Friends are looking for people to help paint some of the panels.

They now need to hear from anyone wanting to get involved.  I've posted the details below.  If you are interested, the person to get in touch with is Gwen (details towards the end)

The Great Art Project

FOGP is working on a project to camouflage the screens around the outdoor pitches at the Leisure Centre. Some sides of the pitches will have shrubs planted around them, but the sides facing the car park will be painted.

The idea has 2 parts: (1) to paint a Garston skyline on boards along the top of the screens and (2) below and around it will be boards representing how people express health and well-being in Garston. School children and other young people will do (2).

The skyline

This work will be done by community groups in the area. Small groups will work with community artists, starting with taking digital photos and working up to designing the final skyline. You don’t have to have a digital camera to take part.

You do have to commit to a number of sessions for the work. There will be a preliminary meeting in November and work will start in January 2012, for completion in May.

If you are interested and have ideas about what should be included in the skyline, please contact Gwen White, . If you give your email or telephone details, you will be sent the date of the preliminary meeting.

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