Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cenotaph area - can we improve this?

I got a small group together recently to see what we could all jointly do to improve the small area by the Cenotaph in Garston.  We've got a row of shops and some houses as well as a bench and some bus stops. It's by a busy road and very visible.  But it's one of those places that seems to suffer from more litter and mess than most and this picture shows a typical morning site outside the shops.

So we've got together some people from the Council, Enterprise Liverpool, the Long Lane Church and others to see if there is something we can do to make some changes.  We're talking to shop keepers and residents.

The empty planters on the central reservation on Long Lane are the first visible sign of progress (plants to come!!)

I'm also working on funding applications for other things and we have a commitment to get the bench and barriers repainted to look brighter.

Thanks to the residents from that immediate area who've already been in touch.  Do e mail me if you want to know about meetings or have any ideas. is my e mail.

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