Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Garston waste plant update - last chance to object?

Last time I blogged about the plans for a waste plant at Stalbridge Dock in Garston (next to Cressington Heath) the Labour Council had decided that this should be the location for the "sub regional" waste site in Liverpool.

We had opposed this, as had many, many residents.  But Labour persisted.

However it is not entirely over.

Because the "sub regional" site is part of a broader Merseyside waste plan, there is now a "public consultation" on the whole thing.

We were promised that there would be media publicity about this.  I haven't spotted any yet.

The deadline for responding to this consultation is 20th June.

You can do this on-line at

You can also contact the Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service on 0151 934 4951

I'll certainly be sending in my comments about why Stalbridge is such a bad idea.  I know that Jack Allen Holdings do have planning permission for the site but quite frankly they could decide not to build.  If that happens does Garston really want to find other waste operators being directed here?

I'll blog again when I have more news

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