Friday, 27 May 2011

Garston waste plant site - update

I went along to the public consultation session about Stalbridge (and the other sites) this week.  It's one of a series of sessions across Merseyside .  My colleague Richard Oglethorpe and I were able to ask some questions which we hope will help us get our points across.  I had an interesting chat with a representative from Lovells (the house builders).  They are pretty hacked off about the whole thing as they have been trying to build and sell and help regenerate Garston and this whole waste designation business is hitting them hard.

Anyway, the deadline for public comments on the plan is 20th June.  I've put the link to the on line comment facility in an earlier blog posting but if you want a hard copy of the document, please call my office on 0151 225 2319 and we will stick one in the post to you.

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