Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More on skatepark meeting -18th April

I went to a meeting last week with a very impressive group of young people who want to create a skatepark in Garston.

Skatepark is probably the wrong word as we are talking about something BMX riders could use as well.

They've found a potential location, in the grounds of the Urban Village Hall on Banks Road.

They know that there's a long way to go, and that includes talking to local residents and answering questions. They need to be able to reassure people about noise and about how it could all be managed.

So there's a meeting to get people's views this Monday - 18th - at 7pm at the village hall.

The young people have produced a video which includes shots of skateboarding, but also interviews with people like police officers talking about how  a skatepark would benefit the area in a crime prevention way.

Anyway, its a really interesting project.  Do go along if you can and want to know more. (I know the young people are keen to get local people there - they are out delivering leaflets as I write!)

The key contact is Brendan Burton who is a local youth worker.  He is at brendanb@mya.org.uk

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