Sunday, 17 April 2011

Friends of Garston Park - park improvements.

Thanks to Friends of Garston Park, there've been some improvements to our park this Spring.  The Friends raised money for a new noticeboard (for the Island Road side) and for new benches to create some more "quiet places" to sit.

The board is already being used for some Friends and Community notices and the benches went in just this week (although we know they are already being used)

The Friends raised money for both these projects by holding raffles and sales, but also by applying to funds.  They received money from the Councillors Initiative Fund for Cressington and from the Grassroots Fund.  the City Council also helped out.

It's great to see these very solid examples of the Friends' work.  Other activities have included planting, regular Litter Picks and a presence at the Garston Park Fun Day (more about this year's Fun Day later)

If you want information about the Friends you can either contact me (I am a committee member) or have a look at our site at

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