Thursday, 9 December 2010

Poverty Commission - some movement. It's happening!

I blogged a while ago about my frustration at the failure of the Liverpool Poverty Commission to actually start meeting.  The problem was highlighted when a City Council motion was unanimously passed asking the Commission to do a piece of work, and it couldn't because it hadn't actually got going.

Anyway, since then there's been some progress and assuming no disaster the Commission should start off in January.

It won't be called the Poverty Commission but it'll be looking at all the sorts of things you'd expect it to and it will be producing recommendations that are not just for the City Council but for a range of public,private and voluntary organisations.

The work of keeping it on track (sorting out meetings and paperwork etc) will be done by the City Council's committee services section (so when its going that will be a first point of call for info - including the committee services section of the website)

I'll blog again when I have more details as I am sure there'll be some people who want to come and give evidence, listen to the debate etc.

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