Monday, 20 December 2010

Grit Bins - call for more - committee 22 Dec

Berni Turner and I have a motion going to this week's Environment Select Committee about grit bins.  Like many councillors we have been innundated with calls about the need for more bins, the need for more publicity about where they are and so on.

This week's weather has clearly shown that we need to have more tools in place to help communities deal with snow and ice.

The text of the motion is below.

“Committee notes that while "grit bins" are provided in parts of the City there are areas which are under supplied and areas in which there is unmet demand for extra bins.

Committee recognises that analysing the need for bins by purely looking at a map is not the best approach as there are many local factors to take into account which might mean a bin is needed even if a map says that it is not (gradient of streets for example)

Committee believes that more bins are needed in Liverpool and that there is community demand for this.

Committee recognises that media reports have said that the Council has ordered some extra bins for particular locations (although these reports have not specified where). Committee however believes that while reacting quickly is important, it is equally important to think about future years and what the City needs.

Committee therefore calls on the Cabinet Member for Environment to produce a plan for the provision of extra bins which includes

* specifying how many bins will be ordered by the City Council;

* consultation with ward members and district committees about locations
where additional grit bins would be suitable; and

* discussions with social housing providers about whether they can also
provide and maintain bins in estates where they have a management role

Ends here

The reference to the media reports about extra bins is to a story in the Liverpool Echo a few days ago about some bins being not delivered because of the snow.  A council spokesperson said these were "extra" but no one appears to know to where.

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