Monday, 12 April 2010

More about me.

I had an e mail from a constituent the other day pointing out that the available biographical material about myself is a bit on the thin side and that people might want to know more about me as a person. There will be more biographical material in some of the leaflets going out, and I have added a biographical section to However I thought I'd add a bit here too, so here goes. If you are the sort of person who finds this need to read on.

I am 50 and I live in Garston (Under the Bridge). I have a terraced house and although I am single I share it with two cats.

I work as a University Lecturer at Edge Hill University. I teach in the media department. My main subject is Public Relations but I also help with teaching about local government and politics for the journalism students. I do research as well as teaching and am currently looking at e communications in politics, at the way organisations lobby politicians and parliamentary candidates and at what employers would like to see in a Public Relations Degree.

Before working here I was a journalist for BBC local radio and then moved to working in PR and communications for a series of charities, including Save the Children and Action for Children.

I am a published author - Marketing for the Voluntary Sector, Kogan Page, 2001.

I keep my hand in with broadcasting when I can. Until recently I was the book reviewer on Radio Merseyside (am taking a break so the station isn't accused of political bias) and I do paper reviews on City Talk.

I love reading and one of my ambitions is to write a Detective Novel.

I am also a keen quizzer and have been on the BBC's Mastermind Programme answering questions on one of my all time favourite TV shows, Seinfeld, and on Liberal Prime Minister H H Asquith.

I also enjoy trying out new recipes (I became a vegetarian just over a year ago) and attempting to grow vegetables and herbs in my back yard.

I can drive but on the whole I don't, prefering public transport and cycling. I don't own a car any more.

I am a Councillor on the City Council and represent Cressington ward. I have however fought the General Election in this constituency twice before and so have developed quite some knowledge of issues whether they be in for example Gateacre, Woolton, Netherley, Belle Vale, Allerton, Garston, or Speke. The Halewood part of the constituency is newer to me but I have put some time in to learning the issues there too.

I have a lot of political interests including civil rights, the environment, overseas development and poverty.

One of my most abiding memories is of travelling to Mali with Save the Children and seeing just what a gulf there is between us and people struggling to survive in one of the poorest countries in the world.

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