Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Power Pledge

Yesterday I joined campaigners from Power 2010 in the City Centre. We were collecting signatures in support of the Power Pledge five reforms and giving out leaflets about the campaign.

Power 2010 has drawn up a list of five reforms that would help clean up politics, make the UK more democratic and protect civil liberties.

The pledges come from a longer list and were chosen after a vote which people (including me) took part in on line.

The campaign is hoping to organise events in different constituencies nearer the General Election. They seem keen to come back and do more in Liverpool.

You can get information about the Power Pledges here

The pledges in brief are

* introduce a proportional voting system
* scrap ID cards and roll back the database state
* replace the House of Lords with an elected chamber
* allow only English MPs to vote on English laws
* draw up a written constitution

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