Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Campaigning in Halewood

Spent part of the weekend campaigning with Lib Dem Councillors in Halewood. They've had quite a few campaigning successes although frustration with the Labour run Knowsley Council runs quite deep and there certainly seems to have been quite a bit of "foot dragging".

People who use buses a lot will recognise the name Ravencourt as one of the main bus stops or the end of the route. What you see if you get off the bus there though is a derelict shopping centre with one poor shop open.

It actually reminds me of some of the derelict centres in Liverpool in previous years. Lib Dem Councillors tell me that there has been huge amounts of delay on this and you do wonder why the Labour Council hasn't got its act together by now.
(In fact even my Labour opponent has criticised her own side for this - and she is right to)

Anyway, here is a picture of me canvassing in another part of Halewood, a rather interesting mobile home park.

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