Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Licensing Committee update

Bizarre turn of events at the Licensing Committee. This was set up to discuss the application for the off license at the SPAR on Garston Old Road. It turned out that the people applying already had a license (the old one) so they didn't need to apply at all. For some reason they had thought they did - hence all the process. Needless to say this didn't go down well with the residents who had turned up to the meeting as it felt a bit of a waste of time. However I did manage to suggest that given there was anxiety about the site and given that everyone had put the time aside anyway, we should have a bit of a discussion about residents' issues. Richard Oglethorpe agreed to chair that and we did make some progress in identifying issues.

It's worth saying that the old license only covers sales from 8 am in the morning (the new application wanted a 6 am start).

There were more than 90 objections sent in so clearly people in the area do have worries about alcohol sales here. Residents have said they will keep an eye on things.

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