Saturday, 5 September 2009

Garston Waste plans update - good news

The Planning Committee which will decide on the application by Jack Allen Holdings to put a waste site at Garston Docks (right by some houses and a busy road) is on 15 September.

The recommendation, which is put together by staff at the City Council after going through all the relevant information including what Jack Allen says, what various organisations like the Fire Service say and what members of the public say, is for the committee to say no to the application.

There have been thousands of objections to this scheme and these have helped make the crucial arguments against.

I and my colleages (that's Richard and Peter in Cressington) sent in our own objections and have been campaigning against. So we are pleased by this development.

The decision hasn't actually been taken yet. That happens later this month. But this is good news.

The full report, which the councillors on the planning committee will be reading, is due to be published on line on Monday. When its available I'll put a link on this blog.

Members of the public are entitled to come to the planning committee meeting. Because the committee will be doing a site visit first, the meeting will start a little later than usual. It'll take place at the Town Hall on Dale Street with a start time of not earlier than 11 15. If you want to attend its best to be a little early. The nearest station to the Town Hall is Moorfields.

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