Monday, 20 July 2009

Smoking and films consultation starts

The PCT is asking Liverpool Licensing Authority to exercise power to give 18 certificates to films that show smoking (apart from those showing it in a bad light).

There is a consultation which has just started. Here is the link. The closing date is in October.


PM Swimmer said...

The council does realise how stupid this is going to make Liverpool look.

Can you imagine the media and public frenzy which will accompany the 18 certificate being stamped on a film like Harry Potter.

Several, if not all, of the films portray charcters good and bad smoking pipes.

Good luck any of you getting the votes of mothers who've had to explain to children that they can't see the last Harry potter film or the next big thing.

actually on second thoughts go for it this will be so very funny.

Paula Keaveney said...

Suggest you look at the earlier media coverage of this before firing this sort of comment off. I have actually been the main political spokesperson against this idea (you don't need to believe me - just look at the Post and Echo website or indeed CityTalk). The idea incidentally is a proposal from a youth group working within Smoke Free Liverpool. They have the right to make the proposal and hopefully the response to the consultation will knock it right back.

Paula Keaveney said...

Actually the proposal is about new films so wouldnt have any effect on those already made. I am still against it but it would be unfair to leave the impression that it is meant to be retrospective

PM Swimmer said...


I do wish you would read my comments. If the council need to approve this then it is the council that will make the city look foolish. You though a councillor are not the council, unless there has been a coup I was unaware off. Though there is the issue of collective responsibility for cabinet members.

I am aware of your opposition you have posted on it before and I do read your posts, so no need to be so tetchy!

Oh and as the listings at cinemas should point out Harry Potter films are new ! One out now another 2 to go, though as a fan I wish they were all out.

A bigger issue is that of sunbeds this is a major problem for the city and one that I fear will come back to haunt us in 10-15 years.
Given todays upgrading of these to the highest level of cancer risks by the International Agency for Research on Cancer I would much rather the council take some action on this.
The number of these in the city, in which poorly trained 'beauticians' expose young girls to terrifying levels of UV for a couple of quid a gonot to mention their link to money laundering, is frightening.

Forget the smoking ban,smoking in films or even obesity I fear that this is the health crisis that Liverpool is facing and the city council have not done anywhere near enough in terms of education of the risks or in cracking down on those operating dangerously or in trying to curb the number of these places.