Monday, 13 July 2009

Question to Council - cabinet meeting

My other (see previous post) question at Full Council was on the cost of the Labour Cabinet meeting in Liverpool. I have been pressing for some time saying the government ought to pay the policing costs of this. The police authority wrote to ask for the money. Sadly they have been turned down by the government (thus turning their PR into definitely negative I would have said)

In my supplementary I asked whether the authority would be pushing government to reconsider. The answer to that was yes.

Amazingly I didn't get heckled this time. On the previous occasions I have asked this question about the money Labour councillors decided to heckle. They now obviously realise the money should be paid.

Anyway, here is the written answer. The supplementary was verbal so I don't have that in print.

Question to the Representative of the Police Authority

By Councillor Paula Keaveney


Has the police authority yet received any money to pay for the policing of the Cabinet Meeting in Liverpool?


The Authority and the Force received a response from the Home Office in respect of the matter yesterday, 30th June 2009.

After considering the request for reimbursement against the special grant guidance, the Home Office has concluded that after removing the opportunity costs element which the Force would have had to meet anyway, the remaining additional cost is of a level that a Force of Merseyside's capability should be able to absorb.

Although not awarding a grant on this occasion, the Minister of State commended officers for the successful manner in which the operation was performed and asked that his thanks be passed on.

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