Friday, 1 May 2009

Valley Community Theatre event

Last week (and I can't believe it is actually that long ago) the PR students at Edge Hill University organised an event at the Valley Community Theatre. For the uninitiated this is an organisation in Netherley. It works with young people "at risk", it is home to a thriving youth theatre and it plays host to touring companies which means that people in that part of Liverpool can see theatre without having to journey into town. The students had two PR briefs - one to raise the profile of the youth theatre and one to look at getting more organisations interested in venue hire. Actually its not all finished yet but last week's event was part of the youth theatre brief. The students managed to get a celebrity compere and a senior councillor (I don't mean me) plus speeches from young people. There was a showcase of work and a chance to network. I am mentioning this now as some of the photographs have arrived in my in box and this is an excuse to publish one and to say how proud I am of the students.

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