Friday, 22 May 2009

Question on police money

After the AGM bit of the Council meeting on Tuesday we were into the usual meeting which includes Question Time - either questions to exec members (which I am banned from because I am one) or questions to the councillors representing organisations like the Police Authority or Merseytravel. For the third time I asked about the money spent on policing the Labour Cabinets meeting in Liverpool. I simply don't believe Merseyside taxpayers and the Merseyside Police Authority should be picking up the bill for this rather obvious PR stunt. The answer to my question this week was to the effect that the Government has been asked twice to pay up and hasn't replied to the letters. I suspect it'll be ages before we get a decent reply. A couple of years ago it turned out that there were some Liverpool MPs who had let a good 15 months go by without replying to letters that were directly about their area of responsibility.

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