Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jack Allen tries again

Jack Allen holdings, the company with the proposals for the huge waste facility in Garston, is trying again. The original plans were withdrawn towards the end of last year. the company say this was to look again at the scheme - butht he thousands of objections must have been relevant. Now they have a new scheme which, despite some changes, would still cause a major problem for people living near the site (Dock Road) and for those near the roads that will form the lorry route. Jack Allen (or rather their PR consultants) have organised some exhibitions. The residents group I am working with have prepared some leaflets. If you want to go along to the exhibitions they are

Today - at the village hall on Banks Road till 8pm
Friday - at the Innkeepers Lodge which is the hotel next to the Kingsman (Toby Carvery) on Aigburth Road - 12 till 8
Saturday - at the Reading Rooms on Wellington Street in Garston Village - 9 till 5.

The website set up by the residents has been updated and is now at


Jayne said...

These plans go against Liverpool city councils own UDP plans in many ways such as road safety,and in residential areas such as noise etc so why are they even being considered again? Surely the UDP rules alone should stop it dead. They would still expand the site if they got the chance.

Jayne said...

The UDP plans should stop this completely. Why are they being considered again? The arrogance of this company is unbelievable. Making the site smaller doesn't fool anyone. They would do exactly what they wanted if they got the chance. We still don't want it here.

Paula Keaveney said...

Jayne, you are dead right to be suspicious here. The problem is that companies do often get planning permission for one thing and then.. may be a year later.. put in an application to vary it by adding something on (in the case of PC World it was adding to the hours of delivery to the store but that is but one small example).

It might interest you to know that the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority - the body that actually has responsibility for disposing of the waste that you and I put in our blue and purple bins has complained to Jack Allen and their PR conmpany about several innacurate and misleading statements in their leaflet.