Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jack Allen leaflet misleads Garston public

People in Garston can't fail to be aware of the leaflet produced on behalf of Jack Allen holdings promoting their new plans for a waste facility at the docks. After the withdrawal of the original plans last year, the company has drawn up new proposals and a charm offensive has begun with three consultation leaflets (last week) and a leaflet.

However the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority (which is the body responsible for disposing of the waste that you or I put in our purple bins - and which people in other Merseyside boroughs put in theirs) has complained that the information being provided by Jack Allen is quite simply misleading.

Anyone reading the leaflet would think that there was an arrangement for the purple bin lorries to pop along to this new site, leaving the waste there to be treated.

This is an extract from the MWDA letter:

"Throughout the leaflet it is implied that this proposed Jack Allen waste facility will process Liverpool's purple bin waste. The organisation with statutory responsibility for the disposal of household waste collected by District Councils on Merseyside is Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority.

Therefore Jack Allen Holdings Ltd would need to have a contract with the Waste Disposal Authority to treat and dispose of household waste. Jack Allen Holdings Limited DO NOT have a contract with Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority.

Jack Allen Holdings are NOT part of the Authority's current procurement for new waste services and facilities........."

The letter goes on to talk about other statements made as part of the leaflet. It is more than two pages long so I won't copy it all on to here. I am however more than happy to make copies and put them in the post if anyone wants to see the full text. The letter is not marked private and confidential. If you want a copy, please let me have your addresess. I imagine you won't want to post your name and address on the blog (you can if you like) so you may prefer to use my council e mail which is


Lynn said...

How arrogant of Jack Allen Holdings to persue this plan. Do they really think that the people of Garston are that stupid. I would like a copy of the document please if you can. Thank you. Miss L Kilpatrick

Paula Keaveney said...

Hello Lynn. I don't have an electronic copy so can you please let me have your postal address. You can e mail it to me at if you don't want to post it here