Thursday, 26 February 2009

Conference comes back to the City

Today's Daily Post is reporting the Lib Dem decision to hold next year's autumn federal (national) party conference in Liverpool. The autumn conference is the biggie in terms of length and number of delegates. This follows us holding the Spring conference in Liverpool last year.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much this will cost Liverpool taxpayers to police. I trust you'll be asking the Police Authority, as you did about the cost of the Cabinet's visit to Liverpool. Nick Small

Paula Keaveney said...

The difference Nick (and hello by the way) is that this visit brings huge amounts of money in. And having been to countless of these in the past I can tell you that the policing is minimal because the delegates won't put up with anything other than a very light touch. Oh and we do get a bit of a bill as well.

I am on my way down to the Town Hall to ask whether we have had the money back yet for the cabinet visit - perhaps you will support me in this!!