Sunday, 1 February 2009

Can the week get any more hectic?

We are about to start some work at the City Council on improving the shared understanding of people's jobs - councillors need to understand better what officers do and vice versa. We are hoping to set up some shadowing opportunities, but I also thought I would start keeping a diary as if several of us do "week in the life" type stuff it might help others understand what we do. Of course for most councillors this will also include their job - but we need to leave this in as understanding that many of us have other work is key to understanding why we are sometimes in so much of a hurry. Needless to say remembering to write the diary has been a problem but I did manage a sketchy one for the week just gone, which turned out to be particularly hectic. Here is is:

Monday - off to Ormskirk very early as when I have a 9 am lecture that means 9 am for the students, not for me. Today was year two and the crisis management module. Marked some work on the train. Got to work just before 8 and checked the materials for the session. Did some more marking and writing from 11 am, getting ready for the postgraduate session at 2. Finished teaching at 5. Caught up on some casework e mails and phone calls. Left the University shortly after to travel back to Liverpool to go straight to Lib Dem group meeting. Came out at 9. Very hungry so treated myself to a pizza before going home

Tuesday - a meeting with a student at 9 am and then our PR workshop (we teach all the PR students together for this. They are working on two PR projects for the Valley Community Theatre). Found some time over lunch and after 4 to catch up again on e mails, including some work on amendments for the next days council meeting. Stayed at work later than usual then back to Garston for a residents meeting on a local issue.

Wednesday - a lecture with year three PR students then back to Liverpool for work in the Council offices. A seminar about building schools for the future, then a special council meeting then full council. I had a question down about police costs and was responsible for moving an amendment to the Labour leader's motion towards the end of the meeting. For various reasons the meeting went on longer than usual although we didn't finish everything. A quick drink with a few colleagues afterwards then home (rather tired)

Thursday - a days leave from Edge Hill. Work on casework in the Council offices from 8 am. I then joined the panel for the interviews for the new City Solicitor. Back to the office later for more e mails and phone calls. Did my City Talk book review at 3 30. That evening was Education Select Committee. I am not on this Committee but thought it would be useful to go along to get a sense of the meeting, which was discussing Croxteth Comp ( a subject coming up at exec board the next day) The meeting started at 5 but finished after 7 (fair enough as there was a lot to say)

Friday - 8 am meeting with Exec Board colleagues before 9 am exec board. We deferred the Croxteth decision as we wanted officers to have a chance to look at a proposal. After board a series of briefings. At lunchtime I joined Peter Millea and an officer from traffic and highways for a site visit to the Horrocks Avenue, Woolton Road Long Lane junction (problems reported turning across the bus lane). We then walked to Garston hospital for a meeting about how to keep parts of the history of the building incorporated into the new build.

Saturday - travelled down to London to see my parents. Spent much of the journey writing outlines for new PR degree modules.

Today - back from London and more degree module writing. The coming week looks equally crammed with site visits and meetings. Its my turn to do the surgery tomorrow as well. I hope the snow holds off!!

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