Monday, 10 November 2008

Garston waste proposal update

This is not a particularly new update for some people, but as not everyone will know I will post it here anyway. The council's planning department has "invalidated" the application for the site at Garston Dock. That doesn't mean it's all over and the applicants will go away. It does mean however that one of the City Council departments found a flaw in the paperwork ( an evaluation which hadn't been done) which means it can't go any further in the process without that flaw being put right. What that in turn means is that if the applicants persist and carry on, there is little chance of things being decided this side of Christmas. The planning officers tell me that they will carry on processing all the various objections, and carry on providing answers and having meetings. But we are not able to get a date for a planning committee meeting yet. Will post again when there is more news.

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