Friday, 26 September 2008

Waste planning application - Garston Docks

Jack Allen holdings have put in a planning applicaton to build a resource recovery park to deal with waste - including storage tanks, a gas holder, a processing building and other buildings on land next to Stalbridge Dock in Garston.

The Council has sent letters out to a wide area about this, but there will always be residents who live just beyond this area. And its important that everyone who wants to know about this, does.

The plans can be seen at the planning office in Millennium House on Victoria Street. They'll also be available on line shortly at The reference number is 08F/2279.

Anyone who wants to comment - whether to support the proposal or object to it - can write in to the planning department. Letters need to be in by 17 November and need to include the reference number.

Residents can also contact their Councillors to give their views. Given where this is, the plan is relevant to people in two different wards - Cressington and Speke Garston. If you want to pass your views on to me, please use my council e mail which is

We don't know yet when this is likely to be discussed by the planning committee. I'll update the blog when I get the date(s). Members of the public are entitled to attend the planning committee. There's also more information about the whole plannign process on line at - in a leaflet called "Further Information about the planning application process".


Anonymous said...

i live just a few mins walk from the site. I am deeply upset about this resource park and pray it does not go ahead

Anonymous said...

After years of a smelly tanyard we will now get a smelly rubbish dump

PM Swimmer said...

Good luck anonymous but because the council haven't done anything about dealing with our waste problem they are desperate for half baked solutions like this.

So despite the fact they have supported developers in buidling housing all round that area they will help tp push this through.

So we have what is a giant autoclave, which anyone who has ever used one, will testify smell. Though of course we don't have any details about the actual treatment method they are proposing, Jack Allen Holdings background in this, whether they have equivalent sites elsewhere in the UK?

Tell me Paula have you or any other cllr been asked about this companies pedigree in this? do you know if the technology is applied anywhere else in the UK? Have you been to investigate ? if there is an existing site have you contacted that council to ask about the level of complaints from the public?
If not as my councillor can you do this ?

So not only are we likely to get the smell and potentially any dioxins that might be released from melting plastic and other waste that won't have been sorted and checked. We will have a huge no. of trucks going to and from the site on a road that now connects a new housing estate to the main road.

We also have no gaurantee that the company won't expand the site and the council will have almost no powers to stop the company carrying out work should they breach what ever meagre controls are put in place, which is ultimately one of the reasons people are unwilling to have things like this near them, if there was a mechanism for the local population to close a facility like this down if they behave in an antisocial manner we would probably all be more willing to allow things. But unfortunately ASBOs are alright for jailing petty teenage morons but if acompany or council facility is making peoples lives a misery your stuffed!

babs1701 said...

As a resident of Under the Brige I am making this comment as a protest aginst the proposal for a Resource Recovery Park:
This area had undergone a complete face lift with all the new housing develoments, this is a good thing as it brings in people who are investing in the area by buying the new properties. Why should the existing residents and the new investor's be subjected to this proposal, given the size of the tanks and the "aromas" likely to come from them. This type of development will be detrimental to the area and make all the new improvemnets a waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

this proposal is absolutely disgraceful the people from garston under the bridge who are already suffering from the fertiliser plant the galvanising plant the airport the gasworks and the new paper mill and in time the other factories that will open on the estuary estate,are now expected to suffer a smelly recycling plant.
Might i suggest that they look at a road map of the area, they will see that all these lorries will have to travel through residential areas,Aigburth rd,queens drive,allerton rd and horrocks avenue,will be horrendous and god help those people who have bought houses on cressington park.

pooley said...

Two weeks ago Merseyside Waste Authority published nine potential sites for placing waste facillities. One of these sites was Speke sidings east. Now a private application for this site. Is it really possible that the council would allow two sites in the same ward. If this application is successful it will be the end of regeneration in Garston. New houses around the area will be unsaleable and sites such as Cressington Heath will be left unfinished. As these are in Cressington ward it will also be the end of Liberal representation in Cressington and consequently overall control in Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Paula you mention widespread notification of this proposal by the Council planning department. However you only have to go to the Council's planning portal and look at the neighbours link for this application to identify that a large number of people have been omitted. For example all those living in the odd numbers on Bennett Street have been advised, but those living in the even numbers haven't.

Anonymous said...

Ref Garston Waste recycling
If you look at the map on the plans that Jack Allen Holdings have putin Cressington Heath does not appear,this is misleading. Cressington Park have still not received there notification letters,why not.
This planning application is a fiasco

Anonymous said...

MY DAUGHTER HAS JUST PURCHASED A HOUSE AT its a discrace on behalf of the council think of letting this go through planning