Wednesday, 27 August 2008

GM debate - Liverpool - 7 September

I've been sent some details about an event in Liverpool about Genetically Modified Foods. Very current issue and it sounds like it could be an interesting evening. I have posted all the details I have below.


The British Association for the Advancement of Science are holding a GM debate in Liverpool on Sunday 7 September, 6:30pm. Becky Price from Genewatch and Clare Oxborrow from Friends of the Earth are speaking, along with the CEO of the Food Standards Agency, and the director of the Science Development Network. A summary of the event is below.

It’s £3, open to all, you can book on the website:

Date of Event: 07/09/2008
Start time: 18:30 - End time: 20:00

Event Summary: Nearly 10 years ago a British public concerned about the health and environmental impacts of this new technology said 'no' to GM and the country's leading food manufacturers removed GM ingredients from their food products. A decade later broadcaster Sue Nelson chairs a panel of GM experts to discuss whether GM has a new future in the UK in a climate of rocketing food prices and famine. Speakers include David Dickson, Director of the Science Development Network, Clare Oxborrow, Friends of the Earth's Food campaigner, Becky Price who heads up agricultural genetics at GeneWatch UK and Tim Smith, CEO of the Food Standards Agency.
Audience level: 2. People with a general interest in topic
Event Category: Food and drink
Keyword: GM
Event fee: £3.00
Booking information: Book through the BA Festival of Science online booking system
Venue: LT 1, Sherrington, University of Liverpool

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