Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Let us have your words!

The nice people at Pocket Places, the project looking at how we can impove St Mary's Road, are doing a temporary art activity this weekend (13th).

This will include stencilling some parts of poetry or quotes about Garston and/.or St Mary's Road (I want to stress the word temporary at this point!!)

They are busy contacting local poets and looking at things already written, but are keen for some other sentences.

So, if you know Garston and/or St Mary's Road and want to send a sentence in , please do.

I said I would collect in some and pass them on.  All you need to do is let me have a sentence about your thoughts about Garston, an aspect of Garston or St Mary's Road.  Tell me your name too (and tell me if you prefer anonymity).  And then e mail this to me at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk by Thursday (11th).

I can't guarantee which ones will be used, but it would be great to give the artists lots of material.

And if you want to go along to the event... it's outside the TSB from 10 till 2.  Annoyingly I can't go but hopefully the sun will shine!

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